Pediatric Neuropsychology Associates

Frequently asked Questions

Q.How do I know if my child is a good candidate for a remote neuropsychological evaluation?​

Each child will be screened to determine if a telehealth assessment is appropriate. Several factors, such as age and reason for referral, will be evaluated to guide decision making. Please contact our office to discuss your child's individual case.

Q. Will my insurance cover my child's telehealth evaluation?​

​During the coronavirus pandemic, many insurances are covering telehealth assessments, however insurance coverage varies depending on your insurance policy, your child's difficulties, and the type of evaluation needed.

Telehealth evaluations

Remote neuropsychological assessment is an evaluation provided through a digital interface using interactive audio, visual, and data communication. Remote assessment allows us to conduct an evaluation when it is not possible to conduct face to face testing. For the safety of all of our patients and their families during the current coronavirus pandemic, we are offering telehealth services at this time.

Each remote neuropsychological evaluation begins with a clinical interview with a parent on a secure Zoom platform to discuss your concerns and child's development, medical history, and social history. Remote testing appointments will assess intellectual abilities, language, attention, executive functions, learning and memory, spatial abilities, academic skills, and emotional and behavioral functioning. Questionnaires and forms will be mailed to the home.

Q. How do I prepare for the evaluation?

Once your child's evaluation is scheduled, you will receive questionnaires and forms, along with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your child's appointments. In order to ensure valid results, we advise that children have a good night's sleep and breakfast or lunch before each testing session. Parents will be asked to download Zoom software. Each appointment will be approximately two hours long and a quiet separate room that is free from distraction should be used.

For additional information on how to get ready for remote telehealth testing, please click on the video below: